Rob and Big Ride Dirty on Scooters

Wanna see something that looks odd. Well lay your eyes on Rob Dyrdek And Big Black riding rogue style on a pair of flat black scooters.

Rob & Big Ride Dirty On Scooters

Rob and Big doing WORK!

7 Responses to Rob and Big Ride Dirty on Scooters

  1. ryin says:

    WHAT ARE THOSE bikes i know they are hondas but idk what they r some one pleeeaaasseee tell me

  2. Dom says:

    hey, it’s called a Honda Ruckus. they are fully automatic and start at $2,000. they seem like they would be pretty cool to just ride them around and chill haha

  3. antonio says:

    it looks good

  4. twista24 says:

    where i live theres a dude dat owns a motorcycle like dem.Rob Dyrdek is da best yall imma big fan 🙂

  5. Jake says:

    The Rukus is only a 49 cc scooter, that wouldn’t push Big Black around I believe those are flat black Yamaha zuma 125’s.

  6. LockerRoomMag says:

    We just did an interview with Big Black and Bam Bam. If anyone wants to watch it is on Youtube:

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