Rock Balboa Drives a Volkswagen

Stallone may look tough and sure he went through 12 rounds with a tattoo artist for this tattoo he is so proud to show but at the end of each day he hops in his black Volkswagen Jetta to make his way home to Beverly Park.

stallone voklswagen

Rocky, lets think about a new car, even if it is just the around the town car.

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  1. AUT bartA says:

    Give me a pic of him driving that car……… and who ever saying get a new car rly just think for one sec. it might hurt ur lil head but maybe it’s worth it…… if u WERE a celeb.. y would u possibly want ppl who r much younger then u following u around and stalking u and being extremly high profile while driving a lambo or any other super car…? if u dont mind the power and distribution why have ppl jumping all over ur super car.. when driving a vw and not have ppl take a second glance

  2. mohamed says:

    this isnt a jetta! its a phaeton

  3. arinator says:

    Actually thats not a jetta. its a phaeton

  4. SocalDude says:

    Whoever wrote this article clearly knows nothing about cars and shouldn’t be writing articles on this site. This is definitely NOT a Jetta but a VW PHAETON which retailed from between $65k-101k when sold in the US. It served as Volkswagen’s hand built full-size luxury car and is totally appropriate for a celebrity who wants to keep a low profile while still driving in luxury.

  5. Oli says:

    The VW is handmade at the “Gläserne Manufaktur” in Dresden.The Phaeton’s platform, the Volkswagen Group D1 platform, is shared with the Bentley Continental GT and Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Certain systems, such as the automatic transmission and some engines, are also shared with the Audi A8.

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