Teri Hatcher is Desperate for a Ride

Teri Hatcher is so desperate for a ride that she can be seen in public driving this VW Vanagon or whatever they call it.

Teri Hatcher Volkswagen Bus

4 Responses to Teri Hatcher is Desperate for a Ride

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s called a VW Baywindow Bus, and it’s an extremely well preserved example…the fact that Teri is a bus owner just makes her that much hotter.

    I think I just found my new desktop wallpaper…

  2. AUT bartA says:

    that might take it a little too far with that guy buuut…. i must say that driving an older vehicle just might prove that u like cars maybe as much as the ppl who see these photos and is like having a dumb girl in science class who secretly gets A’s

  3. Petar says:

    It’s a VW BULLY…1974 model and i guess older than you ombre (for the guy who wrote this)

  4. Vern says:

    Why make fun of her Ride? She looks pretty damn good in it.

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