Justin Timberlake Drives a Hummer H3

Well Justin may have been spotted filling up gas in his Hummer H3 but that was only for a movie! If you recall we’ve already spotted JT rollin his blue Bentley Continental GT around Beverly Hills so we can go ahead and rule out the Hummer H3!

Justin Timberlake's Hummer H3

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  1. Hummer repair questions says:

    Hummer cars are trully apple of the eye to many folks as what justine used to drive. Just a recall regarding hummer cars, these were made by a manufacturer named AM. The H3 was just one of the masterpieces they brought to the world. Launched in 2006, GM has developed a version of H3, which outstrounds the market four years now. This version uses 3.7L and possed 220 horsepower. Back in 2008 the 3.7 was upgraded to 5.3L, which was known to be the V8. When talking about the overall performance, i personally would agree to feedbacks made by Hummer owners out there. They loved the cars! Though there is difficulty when it comes to maintenance because the parts are only limited to the dealers, owners still used to survive together with their cars due to the repair manuals that are present out there. On the first place, there are also websites and discussions that allow then to ask Hummer repair questions. As such, these questions will obviously be answered by experts there.

  2. Viliame says:

    There are some signs coming up on the screen. “BRAKING SYSTEM FAILED” And the light comes on (the drawing of a skidding Track and the vehicle).

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