Rob Dyrdek’s 69 Camaro RallySport

Rob Dyrdek recently commissioned a sweet 1969 Camaro to be dressed in his signature flat black look along with select Rogue Status Graphics! Check out Rob’s Camaro and leave us a comment!

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Rob Dyrdek Camaro

35 Responses to Rob Dyrdek’s 69 Camaro RallySport

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bastard!!! That is a sweet ride.

  2. AUT bartA says:

    hulk hogan does NOT JiZZ toughness like this …. absalutly rediculous ….. and for Rob’s other vehicles he finds new and crazy good looking crazes and just kills it…. he HAS the best cars and nicest selection of veicles i’ve ever seen

  3. TERRY says:


  4. Kalib says:

    this car is amazing

  5. shawn says:

    he beat ryans sheckler’s lambo wit that car….

  6. Bill says:

    That’s not a Rally Sport… The RS on there is for Rogue Status.. Real Rally Sports Have hide-away Headlamps and The Reverse Lamps are on the lower pan below the rear bumper..

  7. Korky says:

    he beat ryans sheckler’s lambo wit that car….

    it was a ferrari. f430 not a lambo

  8. jscob says:

    lol lambo?

    it was a ferrari f430 …

  9. Tom says:

    Meh….not a fan of the look. Flat black with orange wheels screams “cheap”.

  10. sagey says:

    sweat car

  11. Trippytaka says:

    Seriously tough Camaro! I have to see if I can feature it on one of our shirts at trippytaka soon!

  12. J.E. says:

    “six-hundred and sixty-six horsepower”

  13. lol says:

    actually that rs does stand for rouge status but it is a real rs just witout the hide away headlamps

  14. midwestmuncie says:

    Awesome work man. I usually don’t post on blogs but I admire people who work their craft. If you ever need anything for your Chevy, check out my shop Midwest Muncie. Thanks

  15. :) says:

    my uncle jason painted that car

  16. dave says:

    Dude what a fag he totaly screwed that great car up you need to keep it origanl not like that gay paint job!

  17. Heather Vandeven says:

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  18. Joanna says:

    I adore flat black. Its just so cool. I am not sure if I like his fire engine red stripe. I know!, I know!, it it masculine and strong. I just thought maybe a “baby blue” would be very sweet yet strong with that black surrounding it. Oh well.

  19. Craig says:

    This Camaro looks amazing, I don’t wonder why Rob Dyrdek chose it.

  20. Mean says:

    A 69 Camaro is like 65 Mustang classic, but I’ve got only one question who is Rob Dyrdek?

  21. Car Registrations says:

    I do like the flat black paint work, however would really like to see the stripes finished in a baby blue for maximum effect.

  22. Gloria says:

    Heheheehe no wander why Rob choose a Camaro it’s the best Chevrolet’s car, and as a patriot he could get anything better.

  23. Yo says:

    YO Mean you FAG Rob D rocks
    And if u dont know him ur a anall homoo!

  24. Chris says:

    That car is totally BADASS!!! I sk8 rob dyrdek is my HERO!!!

  25. pandora charms says:

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  26. google reklam vermek istiyorum says:

    Very nice thanks a sharing and realy good website..

  27. personal number plates says:

    I do not usually leave comments, but I enjoyed this so much I felt compelled to break with tradition.

  28. iç çama??r says:

    wouw sweat car

  29. mayo says:

    sweet 1969 Camaro perfect

  30. cg says:

    this is the exact car i want!!
    I have searched everywhere for this car and I couldn’t find it.. Go Rob!!

  31. mabbitts says:

    looks sweet, anyone know what it’s got in it?

  32. Vincent Knoles says:

    It’s nice that you still take your time to share and even reply comments on your post…keep the good job up.

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