Paris Hilton’s Pink Bentley Continental GT Coupe

Looks like Paris Hilton found a good purpose for her older Bentley Continental GT Coupe, hand it over to the West Coast Customs team and let them pimp that ride.

Well anyways, WCC went through Paris Hilton’s ride giving it a complete pink make over. Check it out!

Paris Hilton's Bentley Continental GT Coupe

Paris Hilton's Bentley Continental GT Coupe Rear End

Paris Hilton's Bentley Continental GT Coupe Front

Paris Hilton's Bentley Continental GT Coupe Wheels

This car was spotted hanging out at the 2008 SEMA show and is said to be delivered to Paris after the show!

Source: CarDomain Blog

23 Responses to Paris Hilton’s Pink Bentley Continental GT Coupe

  1. kissmepurr says:

    good looking car. it is very Paris.
    playful and coquettish. wonder how much?
    a question from a working class as always..

  2. Celebrity Cars says:

    Its really hard to say if she even had to pay…

  3. Asian Martin says:

    Im almost positive this was the came car she ran out of gas in…

  4. marius says:

    Poor car, it looks horrybel pink.

  5. danie says:

    thats so effin hot

  6. Sara says:

    Mary Kay here she comes………. just kidding. This car is sooo Paris!

  7. Sin's Friend says:

    I don’t normally like anorexic racists or pink cars but I have to say I support this move. It illustrates just how dumb she is, and I want the world to see it in 3-D with pink spinners to drive home the point.

    (9 to 10 odds she doesnt really drive this nor did she order it. they simply paid her to show up and pretend it’s hers.)

  8. Ally Beale says:

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  9. Gregory Ryan says:

    this song rocks zo much cuz itz zo cool

  10. Clark Peck says:

    i looove this song!! it definitly stands out!!

  11. Hollie says:

    Found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later..

  12. Honda Accord says:

    The glamour car for the glamour girl)))

  13. car in Seattle says:

    If you want surprise your girl, present to her pink limousine, as that.

  14. stacy says:

    Omg I Love Bentleys And Espessily This One Because My Dream Car Is A Pink Bentley Convert My Dad Says He Going To Get Me One And I Cant Wait!!!! 🙂 x

  15. limos for sale says:

    It is a bit of a sickly looking car, I expect its nice for very girly girls but I cant see any man wanting to go in it at all.

  16. Felicity says:

    Oooh loving that car.

  17. Schedule says:

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  18. get paid to upload says:

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  19. Milano says:

    This car should be a complete nightmare – I mean a beautiful machine like a Bentley painted pink! However, for some reason I can’t explain, it really doesn’t look that bad. Probably wouldn’t work outside LA, though.

  20. marsha says:

    “Pimp My Ride” was an awesome show, don’t know what you were watching! Once again they brought it to the edge sporting hot pink! But, a Bentley is a Bentley & it would look grea in any color! B-)

  21. willitam says:

    Maybe she got it in return for giving a blowjob to Bentley Beverly Hills CEO.

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