Zac Efron Sporting The Audi S6

He may be young but at least he has style. I personally would have expected to see Zac Efron in and Audi S5 but the S6 is a serious ride as well.

Zac Efron's Audi S6

6 Responses to Zac Efron Sporting The Audi S6

  1. kane says:

    that audi is a sick car but audi’s are too heavy 😐

  2. Dom says:

    what a dumbass, he should have gone with the BMW M5 instead………that’s a waaaaaay better car

  3. kale says:

    Screw the m5 the s6 will top it anyday u dont belive me we’ll i know from experiance my friend has a m5 and i have a 2009 s6 and my road is empty all day so we race i smoked the m5 no problem

  4. Audi crazy says:

    S6 is indeed faster than M5 . it’s a killer car.

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