Nicole Scherzinger > Banging Body + Banging Bentley

nicole scherzinger picturesNicole Scherzinger, remember that name.. Before coming across this I’ve never heard of Nicole Scherzinger but I’ve seen the light! Check out Nicole throwing up the “Asian” peace while climbing in her Bentley. We love Nicole’s choice of the Bentley as it’s got the power, the class, and the protections. These Bentley’s literally are the Beverly Hills tank and with the torque these things have Nicole Scherzinger has the ability to ditch the paparazzi in a flash.

Nicole Scherzinger Rocking the body and the Bentley

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Nicole Scherzinger looking busty in a bikiniStill don’t understand why Nicole Scherzinger is soo talked about, have a look at Nicole in this bikini.  Does she not have one of the ultimate bikini bodies?

20 Responses to Nicole Scherzinger > Banging Body + Banging Bentley

  1. Zac Efron's Friend says:

    Rumors are circulating that Zac actually banged her…

  2. Mikemiller1000 says:

    Honestly, what dude in his right mind wouldn’t want to be banging her in her Bentley I ask you?

  3. Frank Zweegers says:

    Great combo, beautiful girl and car 🙂

  4. limo hire says:

    We have 2 bentley flying spur in stock for hire and these cars have power and the looks, they are one of the fatest saloons cars in the world. I would have a bentley any day.

  5. Cheap Airport Car Hire says:

    Well I will not comment on the lady; that goes without saying, but the vehicle well I would love to have this in my fleet of cars.

  6. dresses says:

    Nice post and we will look forward for future updates.egreiohgoi

  7. yamaha raptor 250r says:

    That’s really a hot car and a hot chick too.. Perfect combination I should say..

  8. Car Registrations says:

    Certainly a lovely combo; but in reality are either sustainable and affordable. I wonder!

  9. Car Doors says:

    Good looks comes with a really good car. Haha. I want to drive her car while she is on the front seat. It would improve the car’s performance.

  10. Discount New Cars says:

    I too adore the vehicle. It would be an absolute delight to drive this car even for a day. Oh and in the company of a beautiful lady, now this would be heaven.

  11. San Francisco Movers says:

    Awesome pair.I just love the both of them.

  12. Cherished Number Plates says:

    I’d take Nicole out on a date as long as she let me drive her car.

  13. Maryellen Frenner says:

    I really like this post and i will come back for sure to get more luxury updates from your website.

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  15. San Francisco Moving Companies says:

    That is one good looking woman. The car is nice too.

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