Like White on Rice

We’re all over Rob Dyrdek and his Porsche Panamera like white on rice.

Here is a photo that we sniped a week or so ago from his schwitter account when Rob apparently ran out of gas. Is it that hard to keep the gas tank full these days. Doesn’t Rob have assistants for that anyways?

Rob Dyrdek's Porsche Panamera

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Rob Dyrdek Cars are very distinct. While he used to do matte black murdered out cars, he now seems to be more into having his cars all white. Rob Dyrdek cars also seem to be extremely unique. From their matte paint jobs to having racing stripes with his companies logos, Rob Dyrdek cars have their own unique flair.

10 Responses to Like White on Rice

  1. grimm says:

    Rob Drydek’s Panamera has a stalker!

  2. grimm says:

    Dyrdek…shizz…no keyboard skills=D

  3. Celebrity Cars says:

    All I can say is that there is not a better looking Panamera on the road

  4. andy says:

    What is with the guy who runs this blog, clearly the guy has a weird obsession with rob dyrdek, i mean how many more blog entries are going to cover this guys panamera.

  5. byron says:

    i agree with andy

  6. Wholesale jerseys says:

    Nice share brother.I am looking forward to it.

  7. Jane from Yamaha Raptor 250R says:

    I love his Panamera! I wish to see his next adventure. This guy seems interesting.

  8. Celebrity Cars says:

    Can’t wait for Fantasy Factory to start up on the 12th of June

  9. dresses says:

    This looks great! heorpjgklj

  10. web engineering says:

    Auto passion and racing passion are best combination of sports.I love racing.

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