Mark Zuckerberg – When, Where, Why?

We’ve got no idea but in our recent never ending search of Mark Zuckerberg actually driving a car we stumbled across this photo. Anyone know the back story? That’s a pretty clean “Conti”.

Mark Zuckerberg - When, Where, Why?

3 Responses to Mark Zuckerberg – When, Where, Why?

  1. sunbeam says:

    unlike lady gaga’s rolls, this is how to kick it old skool and be cool. understated elegance. you would almost feel obliged to wear a suit when driving it, its that classy.

    even nerdy zuckerberg is wearing a clean white shirt and tie with it.

  2. marco says:

    Agree very cool. I thought the movie was V Cool too i have respect for the guy, the guy is starting to get some cool street cred and the cars helpin.

  3. CJ says:

    Seriously??? I expected this guy to be in a Bugatti or supercar of some sort?

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