Adam Sandler’s Cadillac CTS

Adam Sandler looks busy behind his Cadillac CTS. Must be the who Holiday madness!

7 Responses to Adam Sandler’s Cadillac CTS

  1. Carl says:

    That’s a DTS.

  2. John says:

    Correct, that’s a DTS. Must be a rental. I can never respect GM after the bailouts.

  3. sunbeam says:

    i dont think the bailouts for GM are a reason not to respect them. the global ecocomy fell off a cliff and credit markets siezed up and i dont think its wrong that government offered temporary assistance.

    GM needed government assistance once, which it is paying back, and everyone starts slating them. maybe you should campaign against billions spent on farm subsidies every single year,and thats money that is not to be paid back. its just given away to the farming industry.

    PS: i dont like cadillacs. the last time they were cool, elvis was driving one.

  4. kristofermcfadden says:

    def a dts

  5. charger/rt says:

    I was hoping Iwould be the first one to notice the mistake. I thought this was a car site

  6. caddy gal says:

    CTS, DTS.. Good choice on the caddy Adam 🙂

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