Video of Lil Wayne’s Veyron

Fresh from the “Reader Tip” we’ve learned that the Bugatti Veyron is the rapper’s Honda Civic.

Check out Lil Wayne with his black Bugatti Veyron.

25 Responses to Video of Lil Wayne’s Veyron

  1. La'Marke Bboyde says:

    Dear Bugatti fans,

    I love Bugatti’s ,especially
    the Bugatti Renisance.You guys keep impressing us
    and we love you guys for that.

    La’Marke Lamborgini Bugatti Bboyde

  2. Sokefun Abraham says:

    I love the bugatti veyron so much..

  3. BBr says:

    A Lot of rappers has a Bugatti now, but Lil Wayne was the first to get it. After it, a lot of rappers bought it. But if I had 1.8 million dollar I would buy one too xD It’s beautiful!

  4. Frank K says:

    Dumb rappers

  5. okoya says:

    i love d car

  6. E Z says:

    Mr. Frank don’t hate on the rappers because they can afford a Bugatti, ha ha ha

  7. Gandas says:

    Jeah wayne is da barack obama of bugatti! He’s da first rapper 2 get 1

  8. Nico Mookamedi says:

    Lii wayne owned much expensive he waiting for new Bugatti

  9. Kooper Van Worth says:

    dude i admire you so much i have everyone of your songs.

  10. doesn't matter says:

    Seeing this idiot with these cars should give any one who doubts themselves that if a dumb mf like this can accomplish such success, just about any one can.

  11. says:

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  12. The doctor began to operate on the boy.You are just in time.I haven’t seen you for ages.He asked me some personal questions, but I would never answer them.Money is not everything.I will speak against anything I know to be wrong.I will speak against anything I know to be wrong.The price is reasonable.Just for entertainment.Is this the fight bus for the Capital Library?

  13. robo says:

    wish idrive that shit

  14. Gbovine says:

    I love this guy!!! He’s living the American dream. God Bless America people only place in the world you can accomplish things like this.

  15. TOM D POETREE says:

    This is sick i was the first black american poet,to own a fucking bugatti

  16. Cam D says:

    idk if its just me, but if i was a rapper, or a person with a lot of money for that matter, for the same price, i would rather a Koenigsegg Agera R rather than a Bugatti. I appreciate the Bugatti for what it is, but its so bleh. Real supercar fans would go for something with a little bit more “balls” in that price range.

  17. Brian says:

    Now that is one excellent car.

  18. affias says:

    lil wayne you are the best rapper alive i respect you man i wish to meet with u face to face

  19. jeremy chukuboy tunechi harris says:

    the biggest and the greatest alive……..wowowo well done tunechi….

  20. Filipe says:

    How can a person feel love about a car? it isnt a person its an object!

  21. monee says:

    Am not suprised bcus i knew that a whole lots of m.fuckers hated wayne for no reasons

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