Lindsay’s First Drive While on Rehab: a BMW

Lindsay Lohan is driving again! She was spotted with this gleaming black BMW on her way to sober class. We hope she doesn’t get too happy in that one, it would be so ironic to get arrested on the way to a sober meeting!

3 Responses to Lindsay’s First Drive While on Rehab: a BMW

  1. CJ says:

    Guess Lindsay is runnin out of cash these days. Get at least an M3 if still want respect in Hollywood!

  2. ambient says:

    I love how the stupid bitch is admiring herself in the visor mirror instead of watching the road…still the shitty driver she’s always been!

  3. pinkdiamonds says:

    Yeah your right CJ she should have at least rented an M3 not this I mean she is rich at least we think she is yeah but I guess she is running out of money but she is really smart to beg the judge to send her to rehab instead of going to jail cause at least in rehab she does have more freedom like driving rented cars around well we all know this whole rehab thing is a joke but whatever

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