Vanessa Rousso’s Lamborghini Gallardo for Sale on eBay

Professional poker player Vanessa Rousso recently listed her 2007 banana yellow Lamborghini Gallardo on eBay with a “Buy it Now” of $126,500. Despite being the most produced car by Lamborghini, Vanessa’s Gallardo is rare–there are only 5,000 of its kind in the world. The car has 12,875 miles on it and comes with all sorts of fancy features, including a computer, heated mirrors, and hand-knitted seats.

Vanessa bought the car as a gift for herself in 2009 with the idea that she could drive her dream car for a year and sell it later and make nearly all of her money back. Six people have made an offer on the car thus far so perhaps her gamble will pay off. Vanessa certainly seems to know how to play her cards. She currently ranks among the top five women in poker history in terms of all-time money winnings. To date, she has made over $2.5 million in career earnings.

Check it out at eBay.

Tip sent in by Bailey Harris who typically writes about car insurance rates for the Car Insurance Blog.

3 Responses to Vanessa Rousso’s Lamborghini Gallardo for Sale on eBay

  1. Used Cars Green Bay says:

    Gorgeous Lamborghini. That must be nice to be a full time poker player. I wouldn’t mind being one myself…

  2. ambient says:

    She seems pretty cool…nice car, maybe she will buy herself something even more slick if she sells this one.

  3. Celebrity Cars says:

    I’ll be honest. Didn’t even know who she was 🙂

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