Kim Kardashian In Her Rolls Royce Ghost Again

Hot off the press we got a load of great photos from a gracious reader and the first one that really jumped out at us is this photo of Kim Kardashian hoping in her Rolls Royce Ghost.  She’s only had this car for a couple months and has yet to customize it but we still love seeing her in it. But is that a cell phone pic?

Update: KVD sent in another pic, and now we’re hoping he’ll give us the full scoop as to where he got these photos.

2 Responses to Kim Kardashian In Her Rolls Royce Ghost Again

  1. pinkdiamonds says:

    Well here we go again another over privileged person that thinks she’s a princess yes Kim we all know you have a lot of money hmmm guess the Bently wasn’t good enough huh well at least she dosnt seen to be so preoccupied with driving nice cars like Paris Hilton is, god she has like I don’t know how many cars but its an insane amount at least Kim tries to keep the car collection down to a minimum and hopefully she is doing something good with her money like helping the less fortunate hehe I bet Bruce probably rolled his eyes till they almost came out of his head when he saw this car seriously he thought it was ridiculous when she got the Bently he said so on their reality show

  2. pinkdiamonds says:

    I hope her fatass didn’t break the damn seat! I wonder why this talentless bitch thinks that she’s so great??? Who knows, she’s a joke and a half

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