Julianne Hough Runs For Her Rover

Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend and “Dancing With The Stars” pro Julianne Hough leaves a gym in Los Angeles and hops into her black Range Rover. We think Ryan should get her into something a little more exciting and less mainstream than a Rover. Don’t you think so?

Julianne Hough Range Rover

















Source: X17 Online

2 Responses to Julianne Hough Runs For Her Rover

  1. Chippewa Falls Chevrolet says:

    I can’t believe she is dating Ryan Seacrest. Just seems a bit weird to me. Land Rover is mainstream but pretty nice. I don’t expect Ryan to buy her an exotic car or anything.

  2. Ambient says:

    I doubt Ms. Hough needs Ryan to get her into anything…she’s got the money to buy her own cars.

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