Alice Coopers Rockin’ Ride

Alice Cooper could have bought a Bentley but instead he put over $300k in this? Just sayin…

Rock legend Alice Cooper is selling his “one of a kind” Chrysler 300 Series convertible designed by West Coast Customs. Not only was it owned by Cooper himself but it’s signed by the rocker too.

According to the eBay auction, over $300k was invested into the car to make it the only Chrysler 300 Series Roadster in the world. That counts for something right? What do you think of the roadster?

Check out the eBay listing here for all the details and more photos.

3 Responses to Alice Coopers Rockin’ Ride

  1. Tyq says:

    I think its ugly and pointless (I think I counted 6 lcd screens in the car, two of those pointing up towards the sky, and more speakers than anyone needs or can really use)

  2. dd says:

    this is dumb, he spent $300,000 making a fake bentley GTC with cheap aftermarket crap, when a real bentley convertible costs about $240,000

  3. Tyq says:

    Dam*it, every time I check if theres a new blog entry I see this car and am starting to like the looks lol.
    Throw most of the useless speakers and LCDs out, put on slightly smaller alloys and rise it up just a bit for more ground clearance to make it useful and slightly less “pimpsih” and it might not be so bad.

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