Rob Dyrdek Gifts Justin Bieber His T-Rex

Fantasy Factory and Rob Dyrdek never seemed to surprise me.  Who would have guessed that Rob Dyrdek would give away his T-Rex to Justin Bieber.

Rob Dyrdek's Car

The Car that Rob Dyrdek Gave Justin Beiber

For the record, Justin Bieber is not stranger to sick rides.  Here are few rides we’ve seen him rocking in the past.

Justin Bieber in Porsche

Justin Bieber's Ferrari

ALSO, Don’t Miss More Rob Dyrdek Cars Below!

Rob Dyrdek Cars are very distinct. While he used to do matte black murdered out cars, he now seems to be more into having his cars all white. Rob Dyrdek cars also seem to be extremely unique. From their matte paint jobs to having racing stripes with his companies logos, Rob Dyrdek cars have their own unique flair.

7 Responses to Rob Dyrdek Gifts Justin Bieber His T-Rex

  1. Ryan says:

    On the season opener you can see Rob’s T-Rex in addition to the one Bieber got. I think Rob got crazy and bought another $60000 T-Rex in typical Rob fashion.

  2. Los Angeles Lotus says:

    I had no idea that Bieber was old enough to drive to begin with. Isn’t he like 12? lol

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  4. nick morrison says:

    hey 😀

  5. Matt Green says:

    hey 😀 😀 😀 😀

  6. tyler says:

    he did no give bieber his t-rex look again robs is in the back ground he bout bieber one watch that sieries again

  7. jameel wilson says:

    i need that in my life pl pl pl

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