Sylvester Stallone’s Mercedes SL65

We were wondering why Sylvester Stallone‘s Porsche Panamera was listed for sale on eBay recently and it all makes sense now.

Stallone was spotted outside Barnes and Noble in Los Angeles with a new black Mercedes-Benz SL65. We’d pick the SL65 over the Panamera too. Wouldn’t you?

Sylvester Stallone Mercedes Benz SL65

8 Responses to Sylvester Stallone’s Mercedes SL65

  1. Banky Edwards says:

    That’s an SL65 Black Series. And you wonder why Ford would not give you a free car.;-)

  2. Name says:

    320k? Is that right? (autoblog)

  3. Tyq says:

    Man thats a sick car, a rocket. Stallone knows how to pick ’em, great ride.

  4. alex says:

    that car is the most expensive shit ever…..

  5. Johnny says:

    so it was he who i saw in the black series

  6. Jeff says:

    Yes, that’s a SL65 Black Series. I thought for sure you would have caught that. Bro, I visit your site daily, I’m doubting your car knowledge now 😉 j/k.

  7. Vika Generika says:

    320k?? Lol 🙂 may be you can find this price, but I know where to buy it for 60k! 🙂

  8. Banky Edwards says:

    Yeah, right…

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