David Beckham Gets Tough On His Motorcycle

Would you really expect anything less from a guy like David Beckham? It’s not secret that David loves his cars and his bikes but I don’t think we’ve ever actually spotted him on his bike before. Just the other day, Beckham took the bad ass blacked out motorcycle for a solo spin through Malibu. What do you think of the bike?

David Beckham Motorcycle

David Beckham Motorcycle

Source: X17 Online

5 Responses to David Beckham Gets Tough On His Motorcycle

  1. RUFke says:

    Anyone know what bike is that? It’s awesome

  2. Cupé says:

    Es una Hellcat by Confederate Motorcycles

  3. Tyq says:

    Man thats a cool looking bike.

  4. sunbeam says:

    that is a cool bike……but if i am not mistaken, in europe, footballers are not allowed to ride motorcycles because its not covered by the injury insurance taken out on them by their teams. they cant go skiing or skydiving or any other potentially dangerous activities. there is no way he would be riding that bike if he was still at man united. am surprised the galaxy dont have similar insurance. hope they dont check this site, if they do.

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