Alex Gerrard Grabs Coffee In Her Bentley

English model, soccer wife and soon to be mom of three, Alex Gerrard stepped out of her Bentley Continental before heading to coffee with friends recently. Correct us if we’re wrong because we don’t know a lot about Alex but from the little we do know it sounds like there’s another Victoria Beckham out there…

Alex Gerrard Bentley Continental


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  1. HB Ford says:

    There are lots of Victoria Beckham’s out there; they are actually called WAG’s which stands for Wives And Girlfriends (of famous soccer guys). There was even a tv show in England about them. Just google the word WAG; many are models and many drive exotic cars like Bentley’s and such. Colleen Rooney is another famous one, forgot her last name.

  2. Ambient says:

    Or as we call them on this side of the pond, wannabe celebs.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Atleast she’s not annorexic like Victoria Beckham

  4. Car wraps says:

    First I loved her cars look more than her’s , You see the car is it not more sexy than her? Alex Gerrard a candidate to be the next WAG. I’m so blushed to know that in England there are tv shows airing with them. Gosh… But I love Bentley, I would suggest the admin to post more of snaps but not just one image.

  5. Anhängerkupplung says:

    Alex Gerrard cruised around town in her Bentley Continental with the top down recently. We’re not sure she could really get any closer to that steering wheel if she tried. At least she’s making sure she can see and not running into things with her beautiful ride!

  6. Sam says:

    Mobile retailer The Phone House had an interesting marketing stunt in Amsterdam to mark the launch of an Android special going on this week. There’s probably some reason that this particular Android needed to crush this car, but it’s feeling just a little lost in translation.

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