Last Weeks Guess Who – Ryan Phillippe

Matthew Morrison was a good guess but last weeks “Guess Who” was definitely Ryan Phillippe getting into the back of an ugly Mercedes-Benz R350 wagon. We’ve never liked for the look of this car. Would you agree or do you like it?

Ryan Phillippe















Ryan Phillippe

5 Responses to Last Weeks Guess Who – Ryan Phillippe

  1. manuka says:

    It’s a Panamera kinda car. wrong proportions

  2. andrew d says:

    no credit to the one who guessed correctly first… which just happened to be me. i always see a congratulations heading after the weeks up, and the first and only time i not only guessed but answered correctly i didn’t get a nod of credit.

  3. grs says:


  4. Preturi cazare Bran says:

    He is a beautiful man, no matter the car he is driving. He looks great.

  5. Rick Simmons says:

    The r350 is a nice ride. Ride in one and you will see how nice it is.

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