Amber Heard: Self-Confessed Lover Of ‘Muscle Cars’

Amber Heard, an actress and “self confessed lover of muscle cars” was spotted out on the streets with her favorite classic ’68 Ford Mustang. Amber keeps her 68 clean with from when she’s not out looking HOT in it!

Amber Heard '68 Ford Mustang













Amber Heard '68 Ford Mustang

2 Responses to Amber Heard: Self-Confessed Lover Of ‘Muscle Cars’

  1. sunbeam says:

    loving her car and also how nice to see a hollywood celeb well dressed when out and about in town. liking her style allround.

  2. Nick Duennes says:

    Please take a second to see what a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible looks like in this music video:

    Enjoy and thank you in advance for watching.

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