Paris Hilton’s LFA – Is It A Keeper??

Paris Hilton Lexus LFA

We’ve been patiently waiting to see Paris Hilton on the streets in the Lexus LFA that ex-boyfriend Cy Waits reportedly gave her for her 30th birthday. For a while we were beginning to wonder if it was even for real but over the weekend Paris was spotted in Malibu behind the wheel of a white Lexus LFA (with a white dress, shoes, and sunglasses to match of course). Question is, what’s the background story? Same car, different color? New car all together?

Paris Hilton Lexus LFA

7 Responses to Paris Hilton’s LFA – Is It A Keeper??

  1. Ford McKinney says:

    No, the yellow car was a joke but Paris’ REAL car was the white one! She was interviews on Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio program on 102.7 KIIS fm here in Los Angeles right after she received the LFA. Ryan made fun of the yellow car and said the paparazzi only took pics of that one but not the REAL gift which was the white one! The yellow one was just a joke!! She even tweeted on her : “My boyfriend is such a prankster. As a practical joke when he surprised me with the car. He first had them pull up a yellow lexus. I was in shock! The car is amazing! But yellow! So not my style! Ha. Then he had the real present pulled up, the lexus in a beautiful pearl white. :)”

  2. Lily says:

    Ford–Glad you could clear that up! Sweet car, though!

  3. Ambient says:

    LFA=high-performance, but looks like shit.

    No way I would spend that kind of money on something that ugly. One would have to be insane to choose this over any Lamborghini.

  4. CJ says:

    Looks like shit? Lambos look boring compared to the LFA.

  5. Gigel says:

    I would also say the LFA is overpriced. It’s an engineering marvel, but neither its performance nor its looks are superior to those of cheaper (can’t believe I’m saying that word) Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, or other exotic cars.

    The only thing truly awesome about this car is the sound. And the interior. Still not worth the $400,000 or so it costs.

  6. sunbeam says:

    lambo or LFA. its completely wasted on her.

  7. Ambient says:


    You think the Aventador is boring?..seriously? LFA looks like some Fast & furious fanboy riced up a last gen Supra…laughable!


    Agreed with sunbeam…I would cry if this dumb bitch was trying to roll in an Aventador.

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