Mr. Arab Is Already Dumping Beckham’s Old Porsche??

Looks like Adam Sabbagh can’t really handle this “low fast car”. So if you missed your chance at Beckham’s Porsche Turbo last time it looks like you can have another shot.

Sabbagh picked up Beckham’s customized Porsche Turbo only 2 months ago but as of today the car is already up for sale again on eBay. There has to be some sort of story behind this one…if only we knew! Check out the eBay listing here.

9 Responses to Mr. Arab Is Already Dumping Beckham’s Old Porsche??

  1. Lindsay says:

    Wtf? Idiot. Well, it is pretty ugly

  2. Tyq says:

    Didnt he say somewhere he has it in the shop every week because he keeps scraping the bumper and other plastics cause its so low. Its a useless car to have for everyday. Plus, IMO, its far from good looking…

  3. Ray35 says:

    Yep, that Porsche sure looks UGLY. I’d ditch that ride in a heartbeat!

  4. Tom cruise says:

    Mr. Arab didn’t like Backham’s old porsche, he liked VICTORIA’s porsche and obviously VICTORIA, VICTORIA & VICTORIA!!!

  5. A Playboy Bunny says:

    LOL yeah he finally got sick of paying through the ass every week to fix the damn car what a waste of time and money lol wonder what this douche is gonna get next? Hopefully something nicer looking than this but he will ruin it any way with his uglyness but whatever

  6. Erone says:

    Like most other fake “rich”, he probably can’t make the payments.

  7. RUFke says:

    maybe it was too low and fast for him

  8. Zach says:

    He had to sell it coz he couldn’t score with it. Well, he is no beckham. Lol

  9. Engine Mounting says:

    he’d better to consider another car

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