Jennifer Lopez Is Driving A Fiat?!

Jennifer Lopez driving herself and Jennifer Lopez in a Fiat. These are two things we never thought we’d see. OK, OK, so the Fiat’s not actually from J-Lo’s personal garage but she’s been filming her latest music video and the Fiat is front and center. The Fiat is definitely no Rolls Royce, Maybach or Bentley but J-Lo doesn’t seem to be complaining. Has anyone seen any other celebs in Fiats? We’re surprised we haven’t spotted more.

Jennifer Lopez Fiat

Source: Just Jared

16 Responses to Jennifer Lopez Is Driving A Fiat?!

  1. Pratul says:

    Jenifer! Come to me. I’ll give you two Fiat!

  2. Lindsay says:

    i think she must be in Europe and fiats are VERY common there. I lived in rome for a year so i would know

  3. whatnot says:

    Good for the music.

  4. Blake says:

    do you see the guy in the corners face? ahaaaa

  5. Pelt says:

    Dear Lindsay,
    You are a retard.
    Best regards.

  6. European says:

    Dear Lindsay
    I think she must be in Africa. Blacks are VERY common there.

  7. Rian says:

    Dear Lindsay,
    I think she must be in the Amazon. Trees are very common there!
    And yes.. you do sound like a retard.
    ok thanks bye

  8. ok says:

    That was one person with three different comments, I’m shure.

  9. Rian says:

    ^^^^^ Learn to spell please!

  10. Wow, let’s not be rude. I like that she is in the Fiat.

  11. seaweed says:

    she is fiat

  12. Drew says:

    That sure guy looks funny!

  13. Drew says:

    Ha ha ha sorry for the typo 🙂

  14. Lindsay says:

    [email protected] Fuck u retard. fiats are common in europe so fuck off idiot. So go back to your moms basement and go drive off a cliff in your crappy Honda.

  15. Zach says:

    Easy there. I’m driving a honda.

  16. Ford Dealer Dallas says:

    The Fiat500 looks very Mini Cooper’ish. The two cars remind me of each other. I’ve seen celebs driving a Mini before; Britney Spears and Rachel Stevens.

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