Tamara Ecclestone Has New Ferrari Delivered To House

British socialite Tamara Ecclestone who’s also the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone recently took delivery of a brand new Ferrari 599. I guess when you’re father is a Formula One billionaire (which gives us high hopes she can drive the thing) things like this can be a reality instead of just a dream.

Tamara Ecclestone Ferrari 599

Tamara Ecclestone Ferrari 599




16 Responses to Tamara Ecclestone Has New Ferrari Delivered To House

  1. Jenifer lopez says:

    Brand new Ferrari 599? But why it covered with red pices at behind?

  2. Scott says:

    Its a GTO, very good taste and the red cover is the normal Ferrari car cover

  3. A Playboy Bunny says:

    I thought this site is or was celebrity cars blog but it seems that more and more entries are either about trust fund nobodies or douche bags with ugly porsches and freakishly tight pants or old beauty queens can’t we get back to the real celebs? Put Lindsay Lohan up here she’s always great for a laugh plus the last time

    she was on here was in march or something or even Little Kimie Kardashian is always good to laugh at her huge ass

  4. Erone says:

    Did some reading up on Bernie Ecclestone…a real nasty piece of work, that one. I wonder if this girl is as trashy as her sister Petra.

  5. Tom L says:

    Sweet ride! I wish I had a dad like Bernie Ecclestone.

  6. Used trucks for sale says:

    Wow what a Ferrari i wish to take drive in it, i hope when i will become an billionaire, i will owe an Ferrari.

  7. Betty says:

    What a lucky girl! Imagine having Bernie Ecclestone as your dad!

  8. RUFke says:

    Lucky bitch

  9. manuka says:

    I’m speechless…damnit! Another GTO owner who for sure does not appreciate it they way I would 🙂 But the colors match and the interior looks quite nice given the fact a girl is driving it around. Indeed more style than any red.

  10. Zach says:

    Not surprised at all.

  11. Supercar Performance Exotic Car says:

    haha sick car for a girl, but mr playboy bunny a lot of people are here just to comment, and others for baclinks but as long as its not spam and its car related its all good. but some people like me are here for backlinks and actually know what their talking about and participate not just for the links

  12. sunbeam says:

    lovely car and a nice colour with the blacked out ferrari badge.

    i do wonder if these trust fund kids ever want to do something themselves than live their lives as dependents on their albeit very rich parents. no, judging by the way she is beaming, that thought is a long way from her mind.

  13. Engine Mounting says:

    to the famous Ferrari, I will choose the Nissan for its much more reasonable price

  14. conducir un ferrari says:

    I want one so.. 🙂

  15. Car Dealership Nevada says:

    I read that her sister will have a reality tv show in the U.S and just had a bath tub built in her house that costs 1 million. These girls are the next Hilton sisters but with waaaaay much more money. Even Paris wouldn’t get a million dollar bath tub.

  16. Indian Travel Agent says:

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