Vanessa Hudgens Gets Pulled Over In Her Audi

It sure didn’t take Vanessa Hudgens long to get pulled over in her new Audi S5. From the look on her face it doesn’t look like Vanessa’s going to get off the hook on this one.

Vanessa Hudgens Audi S5

4 Responses to Vanessa Hudgens Gets Pulled Over In Her Audi

  1. Chevy Eau Claire says:

    Did she trade in her E-class? I remember seeing her driving around in a black E-class.

  2. A Playboy Bunny says:

    Haha people as rich as she is don’t have to trade in anything LOL they can just keep the car and get another one whats it to them? They have millions coming out of there ass and I believe that her E class was a grey color I just wish that she would have gotten a 2 door E class with that really nice moon roof that would have suited her better

  3. Lindsay says:

    @ A playboy bunny hey pinkdiamonds!!! Haven’t heard from u in a while. how are ya bitch?

  4. A Playboy Bunny says:

    Fuck you Lindsay go take some of your anti psycho medication you need it really bad

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