Rob Kardashian Heads To Practice In His Porsche

Rob Kardashian heads to dance practice in his white Porsche Panamera over the weekend so he can finalize his moves before going live. He’s probably hoping he doesn’t get the boot as early as his sister Kim did.

Rob Kardashian Porsche Panamera

6 Responses to Rob Kardashian Heads To Practice In His Porsche

  1. LeLu says:

    We get it…you are infatuated with the Kardashian coven. The rest of us are not. If I have to keep seeing reality tv douches, I’m gonna have to quit this place and go find a REAL CELEBRITY car site.

  2. dd says:

    @LeLu shut the f*** up and stop talking about the kardashian’s.

  3. AndyJoe says:

    Nice write.. but, your links will be too long if i want to share it to my friends.. im using to shorten my url.. and it will keep hidden.. but, everything is gud.. will be wait for next article..

  4. LeLu says:


    Piss off, you Kardashian-licking tool. I can say whatever I damn well please about these no talent, oxygen bandit, camera whores. I come here to see REAL celebrites, not these bottom-feeding reality tv trashbags.

  5. sunbeam says:

    chill out people, although i am sympathetic to @LeLu’s point of view. i would be curious to see what brad pitt or tom cruise drive, but i couldnt care less what a reality show celebritys brother drives.

    that said i suppose we have to take the bad with the good. keep up the good work posting pics.

  6. Auto Repair Bloomington Mn says:

    There is no distinguishing between “real celebs” and “reality celebs”. They are both considered celebrities and well known to the public regardless of whether we like it or not. It’s subjective and up to personal interpretation of what a real celeb is. Some people actually DO consider the Kardashian’s celebs.

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