Kim Kardashian Picks Up Her Ferrari 458

There were rumors that Kim Kardashian had bought herself a Ferrari as a wedding gift (which kinda made me laugh tinking back to when she was driving Reggie’s Ferrari F430) and while we don’t know if she bought it for herself or if her husband bought it for her we do know that she picked up her White Ferrari 458 from Platinum Motorsport last night.  By the looks of it I think Platinum outfitted it with some wheels but I don’t know what else they did… maybe some new pedals to accommodate 5 inch heels better 😉

Kim Kardashian Ferrari 458

Kim Kardashian's 458

Here is what it looked like before going to Platinum Motorsport.

Kim Kardashian Ferrari 458

20 Responses to Kim Kardashian Picks Up Her Ferrari 458

  1. RB says:

    Can she even drive that car??!

  2. neeb says:

    I want to see her on the hood of this one like she did on her Rover… 🙂

  3. k says:

    it’s such an amazing car, and beautifully customized, but I would never buy one because it’s useless as a daily driver

  4. Ty says:

    ^and why is that exactly? From what I observe, read and watch the majority of supercars today can be used as daily drivers, theyre far from brutal and uncomfortable as predecessors a decade or two ago. With all the suspension settings, option to raise the lip to get over bumps, aircon, automatics and simple to operate..Some are still ridiculously wide, low, basic and difficult/uncomfortable to drive but most are not.

    Anyway, I dont like the wheels. Ferrari knows what theyre doing and their rim design fits the shape perfectly. These dont, nor the contrast in color. IMO some other shape would fit better.

  5. search41 says:

    can’t see the new wheels. what do you see, Ty that I don’t ?

  6. GMC St Louis says:

    I don’t see why Kim can’t use it as a daily driver; lots of people drive exotics as daily drivers. Paris drives her LFA quite a bit and from what I read the ride can be rough in that. Kim stole Paris’ career from her! lol

  7. Celebrity Cars says:

    If I could rock it as a daily I would… without a doubt! Live every day to the fullest!

  8. Rico says:

    I say, get your money’s worth. Get a camera and have a video of yourself driving it, and then for a real catcher, exhaust your tires by doing a fiery burnout and a tire smoking drift. The clincher? Upload it in . People will surely feast on it.

  9. Joe says:

    Okay I’ll do that tomorrow!

  10. k says:

    well I’m just saying I wouldn’t like that as a daily driver, my car is a BMW 330ci cabriolet ( yes I know it’s not an exotic) but I can’t even park it on a curb or even drive over a bump because it’s so low, so I can only imagine how difficult this ferrari would be to handle on a daily bassis, I think the ferrari california is way better in terms of a daily driver

    it’s just my IMO

  11. Sunny Yadav says:

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  12. New Cars Charlotte says:

    What an amazing car.. Apparently nowadays, you just need a sextape to get a ferrari…!

  13. Rico says:

    Whoah, that’s nasty “new cars charlotte”. I couldn’t agree more though.

  14. Land Rover Lease says:

    I just think it is another decent car wasted on someone who will never appreciate the full workmanship that went in to producing it.

  15. Dan Neil says:

    lucky bitch

  16. A Playboy Bunny says:

    Would you please stop boring us with this stupid talentless fatass fame whore? It’s amazing that nowadays you can be famous for having a huge ass and no talent

  17. James T. says:

    This car is like a “toyota” to her…It is her EVERYDAY car!

  18. Charles C. Zeringue says:

    It’s when the hot woman actually drives a hot car.

    Now I can’t wait to go to a Ferrari rental and drive one.

  19. Daisy says:

    Kim actually has an appreciation for cars…
    People are writing all these comments without knowing anything about her or watching the show. This isnt her first ferrari…

  20. truck dealer UT says:

    Wonderful car, a bit difficult to drive for Miss Kardashian I guess. We don’t need to be mean, everybody is free to drive and buy whatever they want. And I have to agree with Daisy and say that we can’t judge a person by only what we see on the outside.

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