Reggie Bush Is Moving On From His Ferrari

Looks like Reggie Bush has decided to finally let go of all things Kim Kardashian. Unfortunately this means hisFerrari F430 that Kim was spotted in while they were dating is now up for sale on eBay with a “Buy it Now” for $164,000. Guess Reggie’s just cleaning house now that Kim’s officially moved on (with her life and her cars).



















9 Responses to Reggie Bush Is Moving On From His Ferrari

  1. manuka says:

    For a customized Ferrari it actually looks pretty nice. A great color combo, although, who would take a red interior with yellow brake caliper??? And I’d change the wheels. But it’s still nice looking.

  2. jason @ motorsport sensors says:

    Hmm. Not too sure myself on the red interior. A bit too bling for me?

    Is there a reserve on ebay? And does it include delivery?

  3. Tito says:

    That’s a hot Ferrari. I love every inch of it.

  4. Khloe Kardashian says:

    I’m glad Reggies moving on. Kimmy doesn’t like you anymore Reggie. I’m glad you finally realize it.

  5. Jojo says:

    After a messy relationship, get cleaned up.

  6. johnny buck says:

    You peopele are idiots maybe he wants new car? like every other human…
    cant believe how stupid everyone is

  7. isaacjson says:

    I like it

  8. Slobodan says:

    This car looks like it came from another planet 🙂

  9. Steve says:

    I think it’s a good idea. I personally would keep it.

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