Barry Weiss’ Famous Cowboy Cadillac

There are a lot of cars on the roads in Los Angeles so to have the title “most famous car in L.A.” is a pretty big deal and that’s just what Storage Wars collector Barry Weiss‘ “Cowboy Cadillac” is known for. The chopped up 1947 Cadillac is definitely a head turner. Barry has been a collector for most of his life so he knows when he comes across something that’s the cream of the crop and his car collection really reflects that. He’s definitely one of a kind and so is his Caddy. What do you think of Barry’s ride?

Barry Weiss Cadillac

Barry Weiss

13 Responses to Barry Weiss’ Famous Cowboy Cadillac

  1. eduboris says:

    great ride, saw the episode where he had the antlers on the grill

  2. neeb says:

    Barry has tons of nice cars and bikes… where did he make his money?

    • Bryan says:

      He made all his money in a produce company with his brother. It’s still open and called northern produce.

  3. Barry#1 says:

    He made his money as a owner of a Produce importer/exporter company …retired a few years ago…Lives in Beverly Hills.

  4. scott says:

    Is Barry Jesse James’s uncle? I remember seeing that car in a car mag a few years ago and it said Jesse’s uncle owned the car. Some sure if there was a different owner back then or if it’;s always been Barry’s car.

  5. arthur metcalfe says:

    thats is one of the best and baddest cars i ever seen 1947 cadillac barry weiss

  6. Frank K says:

    I love his cars!

  7. Héctor says:

    How much is Barry’s cowboy cadillac worth? I’m a big fan of their antiques also.

  8. JD Blackfoot says:

    Like his cars,Barry,is one cool dude,how he made his fortune,don’t know don’t really care,I watch and enjoy Barry’s segment for,who Barry is and the antic’s that make him who he is,his income or worth have never entered the equation,thanks for my say and keep up the good work..JD Blackfoot

  9. Tom says:

    Barry discovered Brittany Spears and others…He sold Jive Records for major money….Produce, come on folks???

  10. JD says:

    Tom, Jive Records Barry and Barry the retired produce mogul are different people. Barry from Storage Wars was, in fact, in the produce business.

  11. griff says:

    Barry rocks! Does barry own a car dealership or lot?

  12. StorageWarsAddict says:

    First of all, don’t confuse him for Barry Weiss (music producer), this Barry Weiss knows a LOT of people, but he’s not a music producer.

    The ‘Storage Wars’ Barry Weiss has a net worth of $10,000,000. No lie. You can look this up if you don’t believe me, I won’t blame you. I wouldn’t of believed it myself if I had not randomly decided to see how rich the guy is. (Because of all the vehicles and high price lockers)

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