Jesse James Loses Control Of His Ford GT – Ends Up In Neighbors Yard

According to Jalopnik, a commenter claiming to be Jesse James’ 14-year-old son said Jesse James was the one driving the car when into his neighbors yard (a.k.a a field) last weekend. Apparently the stretch of road is pretty twisty so handling a 1000 hp super car could be a little difficult. We’re just hoping the damage to the car isn’t that bad. Really hurts to see a Ford GT like this!

Jesse definitely hasn’t been winning lately.

Jesse James Ford GT













Source: Jalopnik

7 Responses to Jesse James Loses Control Of His Ford GT – Ends Up In Neighbors Yard

  1. simon fessahye says:

    the ford gt doesnt have 1000 horse power the only car that does is the bugatti and it has 987

  2. AndyMac says:

    To be exact, it has 500hp from a supercharged v8. But the Ford GT is pretty raw. No adaptive suspension, no traction or stability control…hard to handle that much power. Apparently.

  3. perkins says:

    he is a celebrity so it could have a 1000hp. the come stock with 550hp. gets your facts right.

  4. paul c says:

    this dude is such a fool….highly doubt its a 1000 horse power….it would have to be a v 10….wich ford only puts in there f 350s…..still this guy is an idiot!!!!!!

    • Sarita says:

      I feel sorry for him all that money and fame and he always looks so unhappy. I get the guy people should just leave him alone

  5. Dennis Caelian says:

    I think the 1000 horsepower wasn’t meant as factual but to exaggerate the point of how powerful the car is. What a shame. But it can be fixed.

  6. me0my says:

    there are a bunch of upgraded Ford GT’s that make 1000 hp well mostly Hennesy upgraded but Im sure Jesse James knows some ppl who could upgrade it
    geez are you ppl idiots

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