T.I.’s Ferrari Lineup Is Fresh!

T.I.’s Ferrari 599 is probably one of the sickest Ferrari’s we’ve seen in a while. He definitely knows what he’s doing when it comes to his cars. What do you think of the black on red color combo?

T.I.’s also been spotted in a red Ferrari California (photo below) — it’s nice but nothing compared to the 599!

T.I. Ferrari 599

T.I. Ferrari California

Thanks to Matt for the photos!

3 Responses to T.I.’s Ferrari Lineup Is Fresh!

  1. manuka says:

    Please dump those wheels…! The rest is perfect

  2. AutoB says:

    ATL has a knack for automostyles, and since Freaknic noone has been tighter on their game than my Southside neighbor.

  3. Grants for Veterans says:

    celebrates spend so much money on luxurious car.I love watching it.

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