Reggie Bush Cruises In His Classic Plymouth

Reggie Bush was spotted cruising around Beverly Hills this past weekend in his classic Plymouth Barracuda. We have to wonder if Reggie secretly wishes he was cruising around in Kim’s Rolls Royce…

Reggie Bush Plymouth

Reggie Bush Plymouth Barracuda

5 Responses to Reggie Bush Cruises In His Classic Plymouth

  1. Grant says:

    Looks like Joe Rogans Cuda

  2. trevor says:

    @ rushmi Mehta…….. Dude f*ck of that shitty video.

  3. paroxetine dosage says:

    He looks so cool in movies and his real life is also cool.i love the car a lot.

  4. Grants for Veterans says:

    I wish i could know more about him.I like this actor.

  5. Valetudo72 says:

    That’s Joe Rogans Sick Fish.

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