The Game Poses With His Porsche Panamera And Rolls Royce

Either you love the Porsche Panamera or you hate it and from the looks of this photo, The Game definitely loves his. The Game posted this photo of himself with his customized Panamera and his red Rolls Royce Ghost that he bought himself for Christmas.

The Game Porsche Panamera

The Game Rolls Royce Ghost

Thanks to RUFek for the tip!

5 Responses to The Game Poses With His Porsche Panamera And Rolls Royce

  1. @KylinJohnson says:

    I like the wheels themselves, and I actually like the color too…that’s a first. I appreciate the subtle red accents, and I REALLY appreciate that he didn’t over-kill the car’s beauty with red side skirts and things of that nature. Well Done, Well Done…

  2. @KylinJohnson says:

    ….one more thing…anyone else notice him digging in his crotch on the first pic…jk, but I forgot to say that I don’t like the Ghost in red. I prefer one tone off-white color w/ cream interior.

  3. JWM says:

    I noticed that, but just had to ignore it. haha LOL

  4. manuka says:

    I don’t like panameras but he did actually well customizing it. And I like his t-shirt.

  5. E says:

    Really liking both cars actually but do I detect a red splitter on the back of the Panamera? That’s a bit of a killjoy.

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