Slaviapraha Cruises Through Hollywood In His Classic Corvette

We’ve spotted in his Bentley, Tesla and now he even has his own car company but just recently he was spotted cruising around Hollywood this 1959 custom Chevrolet Corvette.

Will.I.Am Chevrolet Corvette

Will.I.Am Corvette


9 Responses to Cruises Through Hollywood In His Classic Corvette

  1. Chris says:

    That is the car for Will I Am ‘s new company. The styling is based off of an old corvette. Look at the front more closely. It gives it away.

  2. search41 says:

    No this is the car that West Coast Customs created. They based it on a 58 corvette that they bought from Corvette Mike.

    The car that he showed for his new company was a customized Delorean, also done by West Coast Customes.

  3. Dre says:

    Ahhh no this is not the car for his new car company, this car was made back in 2011 by west coast customs and is called the “vette-I-am”

  4. Matt says: has the worst taste in cars ever. First he ruins a Delorean, and now he’s driving in a heinous looking re-bodied C5 Corvette.Awful.

  5. AK says:

    The dude has a really bad taste, but what’s weird is that he thinks people like it!

  6. search41 says:

    It is not a re-bodied C5. It is actually a 58 Corvette that West Coast Customs chopped up and destroyed to make this cartonish mess.

  7. RChandra says:

    It was customized by West Coast Customs!

  8. Jacob says:

    Actually, as he said on Top Gear, it’s a combo of a old corvette and an old T-Bird. And actually, I think it looks rather good. It has a little more flare than the original and it’s not a bad thing. Also, his Iamauto isn’t the prettiest, but it is interesting. Also, to say he “Ruined the Delorean” is a little silly, for the DeLorean was controversial to start with, so, if anything, it’s a retake on it.

  9. Milu says:

    I’m a corvette guy and I think the new vette looks good that WCC did but I rather have a real 58 Corvette. Just seen the replay of the episode on velocity channel today LOL..

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