Floyd Mayweather Dumps His Rolls Royce Phantom

Looks like Floyd Mayweather is finally giving his old 2005 Rolls Royce Phantom the boot. Since he has the brand new 2012 Phantom that 50 Cent bought him for his birthday last year I guess it makes sense. You can find the listing and more photos here on eBay.

Floyd Mayweather Rolls Royce Phantom

3 Responses to Floyd Mayweather Dumps His Rolls Royce Phantom

  1. Ty says:

    Whats the difference, they look the same. Interior is a bit different but not much. Too much money, waaay too much.

  2. @KylinJohnson says:

    @Ty…I see your point…and you make a lot of sense. On another note, I love the front of the Phantoms but I think the backs are horribly ugly….and the Ghost is my all-time favorite car.

  3. AK says:

    Ghost > Phantom IMO

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