Kim Kardashian Takes Scott Disick’s New Audi R8 For A Spin

Here’s another one to add to Scott Disick’s ever-expanding garage. Kim Kardashian posted this photo of herself sitting inside of Disick’s new ‘chromed out’ Audi R8 and posted it on her Instagram. First, what’s with this whole chrome thing (Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma) and second, why is Scott Disick buying so many cars recently??

So the question is — who’s got better chrome now? The Bieb’s or Disick?

Kim Kardashian Audi R8


Shout out to Joshua for the tip!


12 Responses to Kim Kardashian Takes Scott Disick’s New Audi R8 For A Spin

  1. Joshua McNeill says:


  2. Jesus says:

    Disick has good taste.

  3. vroom says:

    sick car scott has mixed personalities with his rolls hes classy with the R8 hes flashy

  4. vroom says:

    scott crhomer8 is better than that craced voices chrome fisker a fisker shudnt be chromed

  5. bossboy94 says:

    lol only she would find that cool….but shes still lookin sexy as ever…me and ye finna run a train on her

  6. A.K says:

    Disgusting. Both the car and the plastic hooker inside!

  7. manuka says:

    I second that!

  8. ghaith alsharari says:

    @ A.K
    I third that

  9. George says:

    Disick !

  10. Link says:

    No to hip on the chrome cars everyone is doing…

  11. GRANT says:


  12. Mark007 says:

    Well the Kardashians should be driving Mercedes-Benz. If Scott is driving around in a f**king Audi, that will cause everybody in the Family to drive one. Audi will jump to them with endorsement deals, and if that happens – The Kardashians lose their biggest fan – ME. Audis just dont belong to this World. They are rubbish.

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