Bill Gates’ 1979 Porsche Turbo Sells For $80,000 At Auction

This 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo once owned by Bill Gates sold today for just under $80,000 at auction. Gates purchased the car four years after founding Microsoft but later sold it in the ’90’s. The car then recently resurfaced and was put up for auction with Gates’ signed registration included.

Even though Bill still drives the kids around in a minivan from time to time it’s nice to know that deep down he has good taste in cars.

Would you pay $80,000 to own Bill Gates’ old Porsche Turbo?

Bill Gates Porsche Turbo

Bill Gates Porsche Turbo

4 Responses to Bill Gates’ 1979 Porsche Turbo Sells For $80,000 At Auction

  1. Francois says:

    no, i would not! 😉 i really want to own an old 911, but not this overprived gates-mobile! 🙂

  2. bank$ says:

    Chump change seeing as he owns a 959

  3. A Playboy Bunny says:

    He’s a sick bastard to even sell the car originally. I mean come on the guys so fucking rich he couldnt spend all the money he has in a lifetime. He would have been better off just giving the car to a homeless person or something like that. It should be a crime to have as much money as this sick fuck has when you have people without a home and going through trash cans to find something to eat. This sick fuck probably always has five star meals everyday. THIS IS TRULY A SICK WORLD WE LIVE IN. I WISH I COULD GO TO ANOTHER PLANET WHERE LIFE IS FAIR FOR EVERYONE

  4. BILL GATES says:


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