Barry Weiss’ Beatnik Hot Rod by Gary Chopit

Barry WeissBarry Weiss is known as “the collector” on the hit show Storage Wars and the truth of the matter is that Barry unlike many of the others really is the collector of many things, one being nice cars and motorcycles.

Now not all the cars we see him driving in the show are his but this hot-rod if you can call it that is one of his latest scores. It’s called the “BEATNIK” and was built by hot rod builder Gary Chopit. It started out as a 1955 Ford and then was transformed into the world’s largest bubble top custom car…. much like the the original Beatnik Bandit. It features a Cadillac front end and a very futuristic interior along with and exposed engine. The body is completely metal and the car took 3 years to build.


Barry Weiss Beatnik Hot Rod by Gary Chopit

Barry Weiss Bubbletop car

4 Responses to Barry Weiss’ Beatnik Hot Rod by Gary Chopit

  1. john alexander gibson says:

    watch you barry everyday here in scotland the show is awesome!!

  2. Rudy Ramirez says:

    Awesome!!! I seen this car driving on the south 5 fwy / 134 fwy. Last week. It was sharp…

  3. Bobby Stevens Stde says:

    Barry your the reason we watch, wish we could see more of your collections I have to say you like the kids too and the gambler he’s a hoot to watch because of the way he destroys the English language. Could we see all the cars you on some time I’m online also where do you put all the stuff you buy? A store maybe?

  4. Clayton w says:

    I saw this car on the 118 going to Simi, looks smooth on the road. and I just followed it a while thinking “now that has to be custom!”

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