Kim Kardashian Is First To The Scene in The New G63

I’ve been dying to see who the first celebrity is to hop out in the all new Mercedes G63 (all new interior, bigger motor, more baller, #itsfuckingexpensive) and it looks like it’s none other than Kim Kardashian.

The G63 of course will make a great addition to her garage and based on the fact that she shouted out to Platinum Motorsport we can only imagine that this thing will be hooked up in less than 2 weeks.  And by that time we wouldn’t be surprised if Kris Jenner has one too.

Kim Kardashian Mercedes G63

Here is a snap from Mercedes Benz of South Bay when it just got off the truck.

Kim Kardashian Mercedes G Wagon

15 Responses to Kim Kardashian Is First To The Scene in The New G63

  1. @KylinJohnson says:

    I tweeted her, Wouldn’t it be great if @KimKardashian gave me her Range Rover since she got a new #G63

  2. John R. says:

    She is so hot for getting this, the first to have the brand new G63 fresh off the boat thats so fucking great. That whole Kardashian crew has great taste in cars.

  3. CJ says:

    Kim should import a G65 AMG from Europe!!!

  4. guest says:

    Is scott bisexual?

  5. bobsuruncle says:

    of course he is

  6. Tarren Russell says:

    I took this pic. Its mercedes benz of south bay, not south coast

  7. neeb says:

    How much did she pay for it?

  8. Nkosinathi says:

    Tht car is fuckin poppin n ballin omg ths great fo kim bt as a matter of fact wht else can we expect from kim apart from her STUNNIN property.South Africa love it for Kiiiiiiiiimmmmm go on BLaaaaaazeeeeee bcoz u the role model in South africa’s growin black bitches hala mrs Kanye ma Nigga bang!

  9. Abu Dhabi owns G-class says:

    Kim we own g-class and most part of Mercedes (AMG), therefore we own your ass, but the fact that u have a g63 means u have patriotism (in Arabic we call it ?????) , therefore it might and i say it might make your fans in AD forgive u for your sex tape and slutty acts, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to sleep with you. If you read this Kim post your email in order to get a schedule of when to attend your patriotism duties, usually weekends( Thursday,Friday ) which is basically showing up in Abu Dhabi’s corniche (Al Kasser) , with your G63, but before that, make sure you pass by our industrial area (el 9na3iya) and install fazza aerials, in-order to get more attention from the 5rfan. If u had friends, bodyguards, whatever showing up with you make sure they are in g55’s at least if not 63’s. I know that eventually your g63 is going to be like a taxi cuz of the fact alot of g65’s, s65’s brabus, blackseries, ART, Carlsson, (Aigner edition too) will be showing up. Please bear in mind, that you might be sexually harassed, and you will be asked for your mobile number and blackberry pin for like a million times, therefore print them on a piece of paper and make at least 10000 copies, or you could just print them as a car sticker and stick them at the back of your car, and this could be done at the same place where u install your fazza aerials. A lot of your fans are looking forward to meet you here and are waiting for this step to be done from you, because that can help them in stop masterbating on your sex tape, but your still going to stay a slut in their eye. Kim keep your heads up legs closed eyes open, because either a nigga wear’s rubber, or we die smoking !

    El sha3er yneech el masha3er Wa6a6a6a6aaaa idfaaaa3 l3yoon bin 5aalaati shoof 5laani wain rmaani wallah (Headers+filter Kn&n for life) idfaaaaa3

  10. tony hazim says:

    I seen a few of these in Dubai and Abu Dhabi,the first in the US may be………………..

  11. CBE says:

    she doesnt deserve it i’ll tell you that

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  13. Filipe says:

    Dubai > united states > other countries.

  14. Tarren Russell says:

    Please mention me in the post since you took it off my Instagram.

  15. maker says:


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