Petra Ecclestone: Pink Is My Color So This Is How I Roll

You thought it was bad enough with Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley, Danielle Mason’s pink Audi and Katie Price’s pink Range Rover? Think again. Petra Ecclestone went shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday with a pink Rolls Royce Ghost. Yep…a PINK Rolls Royce. You know you have too much money when you do this to a Rolls Royce….don’t you think?

Petra Ecclestone Rolls Royce

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6 Responses to Petra Ecclestone: Pink Is My Color So This Is How I Roll

  1. savannah Spread says:

    Love Petra and Tamara Ecclestone! It seems like women; Tamara, Petra, Kim K., Paris H., have really taken over the exotic car playbook, from men. Who comes close to these women?…Save, maybe Cristiano Ronaldo

  2. Fran says:

    I truly think this should be forbidden by Rolls Royce… By the way, don’t forget about Mariah Carey´s Porsche Cayenne., although she says it’s too much, even for her…

  3. Collin says:

    Out of all of the pink cars, I think this is the best one!

  4. James III says:

    yuck!! so disgusting!!!!!!

  5. grant says:

    it looks matte pink!!!!!

  6. Dale Suarez says:

    The obsession with pink shows no evidence to draw back- there will always be passionate followers to whom pink is representation of their feminity and girlish style. I know one thing for sure- if I happen to have daughter one day , pink wouldn’t be prevailing in her wardrobe.

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