Justin Bieber Out in a Ferrari 458 and his Mercedes Sprinter

Looks like Justin Bieber might have had a pretty wild night as he and a group of friends were out at P.F. Changs and they brought out his blacked out Mercedes Sprinter as well as Ferrari 458 that Justin was later seen driving, and later seen pulled over in ().  The license place on the Ferrari has West Coast Customs so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are letting him borrow it.

Justin Bieber Ferrari 458

Thanks to Neeb for the sending this photo in!

12 Responses to Justin Bieber Out in a Ferrari 458 and his Mercedes Sprinter

  1. Matt says:

    Judging by the purple ferrari logos and the purple brake calipers, it’s his.

  2. manuka says:

    White rims should be prohibited by law! Fucking ugly!

  3. Mr Xclusive says:

    leave it to justin to ruin a perfectly good ferrari

  4. tin hot says:

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  5. drew says:

    Those white wheels look fine, and the car looks good tons of people rock white scuderia like wheels on ferrari. No that isn’t purple accents they are blue, it just a shitty camera.

  6. Bank$ says:

    Matte white on spoke wheels like this look awesome, Black wheels are beyond played out. Black wheels show you have ZERO imagination

  7. manuka says:

    White wheels awesome, black wheels zero imagination????
    Do I have a lot of imagination if I want purple wheels? It’s not a question of taste.
    They are obviously ugly. No one besides West Coast Customs would decide to put white wheels on any car. Especially not TONS of people

  8. Levys says:

    Hate the white rims. He should be punished. Way to ruin a perfect car like Ferraris are. Get a red one. White is so played out.

  9. Bank$ says:

    Manuka must be pretty damn insecure to write 2 separate comments under different names to get his point across. Its called timestamps idiot. “”No one besides west coast customs would put white wheels on a car” hahaha yeah I’m sure wcc is the only company to put white wheels on a car moron. Let me search “white wheels Ferrari” and see what comes up…. Look at that. Lets try again this time ill search “white wheels mclaren”…. You don’t say, mclaren offers white wheels from the factory, and so does lamborghini called “ad personam” and even Ferrari does aswell called “atelier”. But manuka is right wcc is the ONLY company to put white wheels on a car.

  10. KingDolphin says:

    I’m sorry, but an all white Ferrari, then put baby blue on some of the accents and badge? That’s ridiculous in my opinion. To each his/her own I suppose, but I think it looks pretty ghetto. What’s wrong with the stock 458 rims? Or contrast the colors with black or different color.

  11. yazad irani says:

    the white rims look really nice and the blue badges and brake calipers only add to the originality of the car. it looks real sweet overall !! classy ? maybe not . but stylish ? yes !

  12. Chris says:

    The photo on this page is mine. Terms and condition of copyright is to attribute the photographer and link back to the flickr site link.

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