More Photos Of Petra Ecclestone’s Pink Rolls Royce

As if we hadn’t had enough bubblegum pink this week from Katie Price’s Range Rover, here’s some more photos of Petra Ecclestone’s pink Rolls Royce Ghost. Who wins the award for most obnoxious pink ride? Petra’s Ghost, Katie Price’s Rover, Paris’ Bentley, or Nicki Minaj’s Bentley?

Petra Ecclestone Rolls Royce Ghost

Petra Ecclestone Rolls Royce


Shout out to RUFke for the tip!

6 Responses to More Photos Of Petra Ecclestone’s Pink Rolls Royce

  1. search41 says:

    plate reads “pstunt” I’m thinking publicity stunt and the ugly pink is just a wrap.

  2. ballin says:

    HEr first name is PEtra and her fiances sur name is stunt you idiot.

  3. car stalker says:

    OMG, this is ugly! Poor Ghost…

  4. Molle says:

    Very right, like Paris pink Continental Gt. Stunning and cartoonish sexy. Off chrome hood. Great Britain goes million of milkshakes. love it 😉

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