Mickey Rourke Steps Into A Bentley

Mickey Rourke was spotted getting into the passenger seat of a blacked out Bentley Continental recently. Since he’s not actually driving the car we can’t say if it’s his or not but it’s still nice! We’ve heard he’s a big motorcycle enthusiast. Have you ever seen Rourke behind the wheel?

Mickey Rourke Bentley Continental

Mickey Rourke Bentley


2 Responses to Mickey Rourke Steps Into A Bentley

  1. Andrew says:

    I don’t know what’s had more money dumped into it, his Bentley or his facelifts.

  2. Romero says:

    I’ve read on another site ( that the Bentley Continental GT Speed is his car. I’ve read some comments on other websites saying it would be best for him to always take place in the passenger seat at all times. Is he a bad driver?

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