Eric Decker’s “Fast And Vigorous” CL63

Denver Broncos wide receiver, Eric Decker is a big fan of his Mercedes-Benz CL63. Check out the video of Decker picking up his new ride and showing off some of his favorite features on the car (so scripted by the way).

Shout out to Aj for the tip!

3 Responses to Eric Decker’s “Fast And Vigorous” CL63

  1. Bob Reilly says:

    Great job pointing out the features of that terrific CL63. We’ve got several AMG series cars on our lot and they are all awesome. Contact me if you know anyone who wants a really unique S63 in quartz blue with a white interior and marble interior console/accents. It’s new w/500 miles on it. Really, really special!

  2. trev says:

    The CL is pure class, plus the amg with that engine sound is amazing, way more presence than a bentley gt, or BMW M6

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