Floyd Mayweather: Ferrari vs. Ferrari

Floyd Mayweather Jr. loves to show off his cars and his money. Over the weekend he Instagramed a photo of his Ferrari 458 Italia Spider and his Ferrari 599 GTB sitting in his garage. Must. Be. Nice. Which one would you rather have?

Floyd Mayweather Ferrari

Shout out to Joe for spotting the photo!

4 Responses to Floyd Mayweather: Ferrari vs. Ferrari

  1. Manny Pac says:

    Ferrari 458 any day

  2. James says:

    Beautiful line up. Love the white 458 with the red interior

  3. search41 says:

    nice to see they have not been “ghetofied” yet.

  4. Andrew says:

    599 for sure. Nothing beats a big motor out front and a solid roof.

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