The Gurkha is The New G-Wagon

The Gurkha in Fast Five

The Gurkha in Fast Five

For the ten plus years the G-Wagon has had not only an iconic look here in the US, it also commanded a unique respect for its miliatry looks and implied safety. Many celebrities drive it and many hi-profile execs and government officials are even rumored to have bullet proof versions built out by in Texas.

But looking at the recent news of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian buying two Gurkha Trucks, and most recently, , I’d say the G-Wagon is out and the Gurkha is in.

Now before you go looking around to learn all about the Gurkha, let me tell you this really isn’t something new.  The Gurkha is built by the Canadian company Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc.  They currently build three version of the vehicle and each is built on top of the Ford F550 chassis.  If you are wandering where you might have seen this before, you might be recognizing the Gurkha from Fast Five.

Oh, and did I mention that Marc Ecko has actually been driving one of these since 2010 and that we’ve recently seen Meek Mill riding like a hooligan on the side of one as well.  No word who owns the one Meek Mill is pictured with.

Mark Ecko’s Gurkha
marc ecko gurkha

Meek Mill hanging off the side of a Gurkha
meek mill gurkha

3 Responses to The Gurkha is The New G-Wagon

  1. Jcm4494 says:

    i really dont think this will replace the G wagon because its more expensive and also seriously huge also the G will never go out of style but this thing however looks like a post apocolyptic death mobile

  2. joe says:

    Ever since I saw Fast Five ive always wondered what the name of this truck was. Its sick!

  3. Zerk says:

    I don’t like this car. It looks beefy and muscular. But it has poor vision. Have you people seen the front windshield? How did you suppose to see clearly through that? Having decent look is good enough as long as you are not in a hostile situation. I would prefer buying a different light armored personnel carrier. Check this one out:
    It is much more dynamic and easy to use…

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