Chris Brown’s “Tupac Lyrics” Lamborghini Gallardo For Sale

Remember that one time Chris Brown had Tupac lyrics painted onto his Lamborghini Gallardo and you thought to yourself, “man, I wish I could own that car”, well now you can.


Okay, so no one was really thinking that because lets face it, painting Tupac lyrics — or what’s supposed to be Tupac lyrics — on a Lamborghini is a terrible idea.

Anyway, Chris Brown must be over the whole thing now too because the car is up with a “Buy it Now” set at $99,999.

What do you think, will it sell? Check out the full listing .

Chris Brown Lamborghini Gallardo Chris Brown Lamborghini

Here’s a photo of the car while it was being painted:Chris Brown Lamborghini Tupac Lyrics

Shout out to Collin for the tip!

4 Responses to Chris Brown’s “Tupac Lyrics” Lamborghini Gallardo For Sale

  1. Collin T says:


  2. Koenigsegg says:

    so f*ckin tacky!

  3. ryan says:

    Also checkout his freshly painted and modified aventador.

  4. Kellan says:

    Wonder what car company he will disrespect next

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